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Do you work in an office and don’t know how to dress on a daily basis? Trying not to repeat and achieve that stylish and different point without having to resort to the usual shirt and jacket can be quite a challenge in the morning. Finding a way to dress well every day and complying with certain “dress codes” or dress rules is not so complicated if you have the right clothes. Wearing fashionable colors, relying on the latest trends, or betting on more casual looks, as long as it is stylish, can be the key to going to the office and always looking good.

Colored suit

Now that bright colors such as Klein blue, fuchsia pink, green, or orange are so fashionable, it is time to bet on a mono-color suit to bring your office look to life. These suits made up of a jacket and pleated pants can be a basis to go to work, far from the traditional and serious black suits. In addition, there are other trouser cuts that will give you a more youthful air, such as paper bag waist pants or wide-legged pants. A comfortable look, arranged and charged with positive energy.

Office look with jeans

Who said that wearing jeans is incompatible if you work in an office? Without a doubt, it is one of the most comfortable and versatile pants, so it is a garment that can work perfectly with an office look. Of course, you should get away from boring and basic looks, and give your jeans more personality. You can combine it with boots or ankle boots, oversize jackets, shirts, or sweaters. In addition, to make a difference you must pay attention to the details and accessories. Casual and elegant. Texans don’t fail!

Midi dress

“Less is more” when preparing a new morning to go to work, keep this premise in mind. The office look must be comfortable, tidy, and stylish, so we recommend you bet on a basis that will not fail: the midi dress. Whether with floral prints, solid tones, sailor stripes, or knitwear, the midi dress is an ideal option to combine with any accessory and give a neat and stylish image. Combine your midi dress with high boots, ankle boots, jackets, or even ballerinas. Simplicity will make the difference.

Plain or patterned shirt

The shirt is another essential if we talk about the office and it is also a very versatile garment, so it cannot be missing from your wardrobe. It can be combined with both a skirt and pants. On this occasion, we encourage you to wear both classic shirts such as sky blue, white, black, or grey, with other more daring shirts with more striking prints. Always combine your shirt with basic pants in neutral colors. Comfortable and casual!


Jumpsuits are a fashionable, timeless, and versatile garment that also allows us to obtain a fixed look in just a few minutes. Through the jumpsuits and accessories that we bet on, we can adapt to any type of event, be it more formal or informal. In the case of using it to go to the office, the shoe can make the difference: either with high-heeled ankle boots or with sandals in summer, the jumpsuit will allow you to have a comfortable, elegant, and trendy look. In winter, for example, you can wear dungarees with a turtleneck sweater or combine it with a jacket. A look of 10!


Sober colors like black, white, or beige are basic to go to the office. So on days when you are less inspired, you can combine basic garments in these colors and you will get a perfect look to go to work. For example, beige pants will look great with a black turtleneck or vice versa. The shoe can make a difference in your look so that it is not so boring, for example, you can wear a lounge, some ballerinas or even give a touch of color to the look through the shoes. If one day you don’t have time or inspiration, sober colors will be your great allies. Essential!

Preppy style

The preppy style is a classic style with some modern edginess. A very fashionable style and with which you can prepare different office looks. It is characterized by structured silhouettes, basic garments, pastel colors, and prints such as checks or embroidery. This is a style closely tied to upper-class college girls who decided to give their school uniforms a twist. Among the basic garments to create your look you will not be able to miss garments from the world of tennis or golf, shirt dresses and pinafores, short skirts or cardigans, and sweaters or tops in light tones. A total look for the office!

Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt, also called a pencil skirt, is a perfect option to create an office look. Of course, stop thinking about the classic black skirt and bet on renewing your pencil skirts for more current garments. You can bet on skirts with square prints, stripes, houndstooth prints or with the latest trend colors. A pencil skirt is an option that will give sobriety to your looks and that you can always combine with ankle boots, boots, pumps or even with sports shoes if your office accepts a more casual look. In addition, now you will find many synthetic leather midi skirts, satin or with fun prints, which will make your office looks much more adapted to the latest fashion.

T-shirts with a message

If you want to give a modern touch to classic suits, t-shirts with a message can become your great allies. The look can change only with this type of garment, which will give your look a more youthful and casual air. In addition, you can combine them with jackets, blazers, or overshirts. A rock look but is arranged, ideal for today’s modern offices.

All to black

Black is the most elegant color par excellence, so if you find yourself out of ideas, this color will save you from any situation, so it should be your wardrobe basic. A black dress, either with straps in summer, or knitted and high-necked in winter, a black suit, a black skirt or black pleated pants can be your salvation on a day-to-day basis. Black is a professional and very sophisticated color. Of course, in order not to fall into monotony, we recommend you play with the accessories or combine the basics with more striking garments, such as a colored blazer or brightly colored shoes. If you don’t usually have much inspiration, the all-black look is perfect for you.

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