To hat or not to hat at a wedding

Everyone loves a wedding and for guests, deciding what to wear takes careful consideration. There are certain factors that will help you choose, including where the wedding is taking place, what time of year it is and if it is a traditional wedding, or a more modern celebration.

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The Hat

Many people enjoy wearing a hat and having an excuse to wear one. A hat can really make an outfit look and feel special and transform an outfit.


Ultimately, the best dressed award should always go to the bride, but there is often some underlying competitiveness between wedding guest dresses, as well as who has the best hat.


Whether the wedding is traditional or not, those family members and friends who have a role to play at the wedding, need to look good, especially the mother of the bride and this is where a hat can really help.

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If the wedding is traditional, it will be expected that men wear suits and the ladies wear a hat. If you’re unsure, check with another guest, but it is always better to be prepared, than be the only guest not wearing one. If you buy a plain coloured hat, you can be confident it will go with your dress, and for colourful wedding guest dresses click here

The royal family have barely been out of the news recently and this, along with Brexit has forced Princess Beatrice to postpone her wedding.


While many people love wearing a hat, others find them restrictive. The alternative is to wear a floral hair accessory, or a headband.

The cost

As fun as weddings are, they are also expensive. Firstly, there’s the outfit, shoes and accessories. Secondly, a wedding often involves overnight accommodation, plus there is also the cost of the gift, so not getting a hat, can save on the expense.


As grand as a hat can look, it does also hide the face and in group photographs, can also hide other people. If it is a particularly large style, make sure you have it positioned correctly for any photographs.

Personal choice

Some people look great in a hat, others don’t suit them at all. If wearing a hat makes you feel self-conscious, it is probably best not to wear one and enjoy the celebrations.

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