Dress for Autumn in Style

Dress for Autumn in Style With These Trendy Patterns

Autumn is the favorite season of many fashionistas, me included, as it allows us to create warm, cozy, and stylish Pinterest-inspired looks. In this article, we will unveil some of the trendiest patterns of this fall season that will help you spice up your autumn wardrobe and put together more fashionable outfits while still not compromising on your comfort.


Plaid is a timeless pattern that has been used to create statement pieces for centuries. This season, plaid is being reinterpreted with modern color blocking techniques which involves combining two or more different patterns and fabrics into one unique look. If you want to achieve this style, you can mix up tones such as browns and navy blues in the same outfit, as these shades work together brilliantly and give an overall contemporary look. Wear a plaid skirt with a mix of these colors and combine it with a neutral turtleneck, some knee high boots, and a leather jacket for a classic casual outfit.


When thinking of fall outfits, one of the first things that comes to mind is the ageless two piece tweed set. These sets have been increasingly popular ever since the 90s Chanel collections and they are highly appreciated these days because of how effortlessly stylish they look and how they add depth and texture to any outfit. To really make the most of this trend, choose statement pieces such as oversized blazers or a smart skirt suit in muted tones like navy blue or classic charcoal and pair them with a crisp white shirt.

Cable Knit

Aran cable knit jumpers and cardigans are indispensable for the sweater weather and are a staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. These Celtic-inspired garments are a true embodiment of coziness and comfort, especially on those rainy days when you really don’t feel like leaving your warm bed. Not only that, but the intricate pattern also makes any outfit look more intriguing even if you wear them with a basic pair of jeans or any other trousers. Gaelsong is an authentic online store that has a large collection of Celtic clothing, including excellent cable knit sweaters and cardigans, so you can be trendy without compromising on your comfort.

Animal Prints

Love them or hate them, but this autumn season animal prints are back and better than ever! From the timeless leopard to the more daring colorful zebra stripes, the clothing with such prints can help you put together colorful looks that are great as both casual pieces and eye-catching garments for a night out. The easiest way to wear animal prints in everyday life is by combining them with a garment that would create a beautiful contrast between the bold pattern and the rest of your outfit. For example, mix a leopard silk blouse with a pair of fit black trousers, add a statement purse, and your favorite trench coat on top and you have a look that is perfect for a day in the office or even a date.

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