Do you need planning permission to move a drain?

The requirement for planning permission to move a drain can vary depending on your local authority area’s regulations and the nature and extent of the work you are planning to undertake.
How do you find the location of drains?

You can easily figure out where the manhole covers are and lift them using a manhole key, which can be purchased from any hardware store. Find out in which direction the drain flows; from there, you can work out roughly where the manholes and drains will be located following the work to your property. If you need to move drains that run outside the boundaries of your property, you will have to contact your local authority before taking further action.

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Can you move a drain if you are extending your home?

If you are extending your property or building a conservatory, you should not attempt the work yourself. It is imperative to call the experts in. If your sewer is private and linked to your property only, it will be exempt from approval. The sewer will need to be located within the boundaries and maintained as part of your property management scheme. If the planned work is within three metres of a public sewer, you must seek assistance from your local authority. The cost of this work will vary depending on the size of the project requirements.

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What else is involved in moving a drain?

If you are undertaking this work, you may require further adjustments. Pipe lining is a drain repair technique that involves installing an insert into an existing drain. If you require sewer pipe lining Solihull, for example, you can contact a specialist such as The cost of moving a drain will again depend on how complex the job is.

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The advice is to seek professional help

Moving drains can be a complex process that requires planning and compliance with legal requirements. It is therefore advisable to contact a professional and seek their advice.

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