Despite being a must-have item in your wardrobe today, the sweatshirt hasn’t been around all that long. Let’s take a look at its history. Image Credit The sweatshirt originated in Alabama, US in 1926. American football player Benjamin Russell Junior grew tired of the itchy wool jerseys worn by his team; what’s more, the wool […]

The words multi-talented are bandied around quite a lot these days. For the most part it’s not really warranted but in the case of Mr Leonard Albert Kravitz, Lenny as he is more commonly known, it’s justified. He’s been making Rock, Pop, Blues and Funk for about 30 years now and doesn’t look like stopping. […]

 Dressing for summer evenings

Summer is a great time of year for spending time outdoors in gardens and parks. The hotter summer sun makes for a much more pleasant experience than during the winter months. When it comes to choosing your clothing for the summer it is important that you think about the activities that you are going to […]

The latest addition to the expanding catalog of fashion designers is Levi T-shirts for men. The brand has quickly become a favorite among men who like to look stylish and chic yet don’t want to look like a complete jock. These designer T-shirts are made with the same quality and fabrics that have been used […]

Long sleeve dress

There is no longer any doubt that elegant dresses are women’s favorite clothes. Long dresses, cocktail dresses, and today even glamorous jumpsuits, in fact, are the items most used by women and those that are most able to ignite the male imagination. Often, however, we wonder what should be the right size for the sleeve […]