Why it’s important to have a business plan

A Business Plan is a key document for any business to have in place. It helps to define the direction that the business is going to take as well as look at key financial information and the customer types and market segment. It can be daunting to start off with but if you work with a Tewkesbury Business Advisory company such as Randall and Payne, they will be able to support you through the process.

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The overarching reason for a business plan is to give you a roadmap on the strategy for your business. This could be the initial start-up strategy or used for a specific growth phase. You will include stages and steps that will be taken to achieve this final goal. It will help you to identify any resources or investments that might be needed along the way. The main stages within the business plan can be broken down into smaller targets that you might have particular members of your team working on.

Here are some of the top reasons you should put a business plan in place.

Decision Making

When it comes to making key decisions in your business you can look back on your business plan and ascertain whether the decisions you make will help you to move towards your final goals. It will also help in situations where you need to make critical time-sensitive decisions and will help the business owner and other key members of staff to do this effectively.

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If you are starting a business you will want to make sure that it is a viable venture. The same goes for looking to expand or grow an existing business. A great way to do this is through a business plan. You will be able to find out whether there is a market for your products and services as well as look through financial projections to see whether your business can be a sustainable one.


Having your business vision and strategy laid out in a document will help you to communicate this with all the relevant stakeholders. This helps to get everyone on the same page and work towards common goals. It will also enable your senior managers to cascade the information down to all your employees and help them see how they fit into the business’ bigger picture.


If you think you might want to secure investment in the future, either through bank financing or stakeholder investors, you will need to have a business plan in place that you can share with the relevant people. This will help them to decide whether they want to invest in the business and how the growth of the business might look in the future.

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