Compulsive shopping, a test to see if buying is addictive

The Swedish University of Bergen has devised a test by which we can understand if the way to shop is an obsession rather than a necessity

“You know when you cross a nice guy who smiles at you and your heart will melt like butter on hot toast? I feel so when I see a store. Only it’s better. In fact, a man will not love you or treat you never so well as a shop. If a man you are tight you cannot change it within 7 days with wonderful golf cashmere. A shop has always smells well. A store can awaken a lust for things you never even imagined they needed. And when your hands grip the new envelopes and sparkling… Oh yes!”

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If we talk about shopping or rather, compulsive shopping, you cannot come to your mind Becky Bloomwood, the protagonist of the saga by Sophie Kinsella “I love shopping”. If there is ever shopping in a store for the last pair of boots on sale, to spend all the money in the wallet to a bag that “you could not buy” or feel the urge to buy something, maybe you could be suffering from an addiction: to reveal this time is not one of the latest novels, but the Swedish University of Bergen, where a team of psychologists created the test Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale, which was published recently in the journal “Frontiers of Psichology “. Some symptoms, according Cecilie Schou Andreassen, may be late to an appointment after one lap too long at department stores or feel sad if you cannot buy anything. This obsession is increased by the online shop and the advertising, the idea spread to keep pace with fashion and disposable culture. For this reason, if you are seeing a new trend is immediately tries to follow it, and if the favorite shirt will pit you replace rather than sewing it.

Those most affected, of course, are women and can be both extroverted, since assert their individuality through the look, is anxious, because treating their negativity with your credit card. To find out if you are victims of this disease, just meet the seven statements of the test with “strongly agree” or “disagree completely”.

  1. Do you ever go shopping?
  2. Buy equates to improve your mood
  3. Shopping has had negative consequences on your daily tasks (such as being late to an appointment, at work, at school)
  4. Shopping is not enough and never feel the need to buy more and more to feel satisfied
  5. Have you tried to stop to shop but do not succeed
  6. Do you feel bad if for some reason you are prevented from shopping?
  7. So much shopping has compromised your wellbeing

If you find yourself in four of these, consult your doctor. Or maybe, better warn the bank director.

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