How to choose sunglasses

When we are faced with the purchase of sunglasses, it may be that we only have in mind the aesthetic aspect, but there are also many other characteristics such as the color of the lens or the materials of the glasses , which can cause us doubts when it comes to the purchase.

We help you resolve some of these questions, which, although they may not seem important to us, will give us a better understanding of the product and may be decisive in making the right purchase. Discover how to choose sunglasses correctly.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

It is important that you know that sun protection is not related to the color of the lens. Despite what one may believe about the existence of lens colors that indicate greater protection, this is not true, today most lenses include adequate filters for protection against ultraviolet radiation regardless of their color.

Step: 2

If you see any label or information that refers to polarized lenses, you have to keep in mind that these are suitable for situations where glare can occur from surfaces such as asphalt, water, or even a glass-enclosed building.

On certain occasions they are very convenient since they reduce reflections and glare while, for example, we drive or when we practice winter sports such as skiing, reducing the light reflected from the snow.

Step: 3

Always go to centers specialized in sunglasses because it will be the guarantee that the product we are buying is of quality. Low-quality sunglasses are made of plastic and these lenses can be harmful. If low-quality sunglasses reach your eyes, try to make the lenses as clear as possible so that the dilation of the pupil is not too accentuated and thus prevents the retina from receiving a large amount of ultraviolet radiation.

Step: 4

Finally, you have to know that good sunglasses do not have an expiration date, as long as you take care of them properly they can last for many years.

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