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Tips for wearing a jean jacket

Jean jackets are a basic and versatile garment that you can use on any occasion and will always give you a different look. If you want to combine your jacket with different outfits here we leave you several tips.

Denim on denim

You take a risk to use this garment since your look can look very old-fashioned, but so that this does not happen to you, you must bear in mind that both your jeans and the jacket must be the same tone, in this way you will create more harmony in your wardrobe. Avoid using very different shades.

Jacket with dress

You can combine a long dress with your jean jacket, an ideal outfit for both day and night. It also works for short or wide dresses. Do not be afraid to combine the jacket with a printed dress, fringes and neutral tones. But remember that you must use the classic jean jacket, no colors since you can look like a clown.

Jacket with skirt

Wearing a jean jacket with a long skirt can give you a perfect balance between formal and informal. The key to having a good look is to bring accessories that stand out, for example, a hat or a large bag.

Jean jacket instead of black

Using this garment helps you to substitute black, since denim is considered a neutral tone. But you must keep in mind that this does not mean that it will look good in all colors, you must create a balance.

Sporty look

The great thing about this garment is that it works with any look. If sports are your thing, it will work very well for you. You can use it with shorts or jeans to create a more relaxed and comfortable outfit.

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