How to Dress

Yes, it is frustrating when you go to buy a dress that you love and you get to the store is long or do not feel well. If you are short, do not worry, here are a few secrets that will help you create the perfect look. Do not despair!

Being short has a number of challenges that have to face every day. Sometimes even they confuse you with a teenager and they ask for ID to enter this club that you like though let’s face it, basically this happen-you love. But what bothers you is not finding clothes that fit you well. Pants that are too long and coats that devour you, only items that are in the children’s section … Sound familiar? Yes, we know. But calm, we will tell you what the clothes will win centimeters tall are…

Your shopping list:

  • A good heels
  • Thin belts
  • Nude sandals
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Miniskirts
  • Top-Neck ‘V’
  • Vertical stripes

How to Dress

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The magic of high heels

And if they are twelve centimeters on, they will become your best friends. Yes, we have the great little inconvenient pain because … How painful! Our advice is to use them at times when you know you will not get used to walk far to go.

One trick: Choose sandals nude color will seem an extension of your body and make you look even taller.

Thin belts

The key is when you are short not adding accessories that overload your figure, such as a wide belt, cutting your silhouette visually. Better choose one as thin as possible, will define the waist without removing centimeters.

Say yes to the tight jeans

If you know carry them, a pair of tight jeans can be a really smart choice. They accentuate your legs and create the illusion that you are longer. If you combine them with simple black and white shirt salons get a chic look one hundred percent.

How to Dress

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Neck tops with ‘V’

In the difficult task of adding centimeters your body, this type of necklines can help a lot. They make your neck appear longer and provide a sexy point. Perfect!

The power of shorts

Perhaps it is costing you dare, but you should at least try. If you choose a very short attempt that is not adjusted, that would be too.

Miniskirts, an essential

Similarly happens with shorts, miniskirts visually elongate your figure. Try to bring several centimeters above the knees, otherwise no effect.

How to Dress

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Vertical stripes

It is a matter of perspective, but it is amazing the difference it can make vertical lines in your body. They draw an upward line style your figure as ever.

And now, everything you should not do:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Long skirts
  • Knee boots
  • Oversize clothes
  • Great accessories
  • Wide belts
  • Flat shoes