Women's in Suits

Ready for the return of the suit? Discover the most beautiful formal look and our advice on how to be perfect!

The suit, especially with the skirt, is preparing its comeback. Here’s how to avoid being caught unprepared!

The suit, especially with the skirt, is preparing his big comeback for next spring. How do we know? Of course the trend of fashion shows spring summer 2016 that unfold as a great protagonist is also the men’s suit, that the suit with pants.

Women's in Suits
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So you do not get burned, we decided to act in advance and give you some advice on how to get the perfect formal look, the look of a perfect day to go to work, or for an important occasion. The lovers of the classic elegance definitely embrace the return of the suit with a skirt, while the admirers of the male wardrobe appreciate the tailored suits with pants, but designed especially for women.

Discover here the most beautiful formal look, with the surprising touch of style lovers that reinterpret the trend with imagination, and above all how to get them. You can Use these tips if you’re invited to an important lunch, to go to a job interview, or just if you want to impress your friends when you meet them for a walk!

Women's in Suits
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3 tips on how to wear the full

Not all Full and suits are equal, and therefore not all are suitable for you, or have the same effect on your appearance. To find out how to wear the full and which one to choose, here’s to you three tips essential not to lose sight of.

1. Choose the cut right for your forms

The crucial thing to remember when choosing a suit with a tailored skirt or pants is: pay attention to the cut that you choose. A good cut is already an essential first step to dress well, and it is said that you have to spend a fortune to find a good model. Sometimes you just get several precautions, such as avoiding jackets too long if you’re low, or to be careful to hem pants. If you’re curvy, for example, choose a single-breasted jacket, or double must be, always take it outdoors, especially if you are very prosperous.

Women's in Suits
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2. Spice up a comprehensive choosing color

Pay attention to the material used for your full, especially if it’s a coordinated, not one broken, that is, if the jacket and skirt are made ​​with the same print. Avoid excessive graphics or materials, such as pinstripes too flashy or tweed inadequate. If you want to lighten the excessive seriousness of the complete, choose a color, being careful not to overdo the showy colors. You can afford a complete male orange vitamin course, but only wear it if the occasion allows.

3. Choose one broken in less formal occasions

If you prefer to coordinate broken, there are many occasions when you can wear it. Less formal occasions are ideal, where you can enjoy combining variations of jackets and skirts or pants, mixing fabrics and different patterns. The important thing, even in the case of a formal set as a complete, is to have fun and feel good in those clothes.

Women's in Suits
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The suits from the latest shows

As you can see for spring summer 2016, the trend full formal go far in the direction of the suit with a skirt. Chanel, Prada and Gucci driving this trend, which probably will have won the men’s suit, with the jacket and pants. A very feminine element of the wardrobe and very retro, the designers trying to actualize in a thousand ways.

Looks great for reinventing suits and costumes

And so to the fun part where you can unleash your imagination after treasure of tips on how to wear a suit. In the gallery below you can find the inspiration you need to choose the suit and match it with the best. Some people choose the broken, those colors or striking prints in coordinated, and there is even some celebrity from which to take example from the noble Kate Middleton and Letizia of Spain to Rihanna. Discover them all!

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