what should i wear to a job interview

What Should I Wear to a Job Interview

I have seen people ask for a job to become a graphic designer and present themselves in the clothes of a bank manager, and I have seen people introduce themselves for a secretary job and present themselves in Hawaiian- style clothes. If you go to an interview, pay attention to how you dress!

In fact, when facing a job interview, the right suit can make a difference. Often the first impression is really the one that matters and since, as an old saying goes, “you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression “, you might as well play your best first match.

What should i wear to a job interview?

Presenting yourself to the potential employer in clothes that are unsuitable for the situation and role you are proposing for can be a huge obstacle to hiring.

what should i wear to a job interview

One way to be sure of making the right choice in terms of clothing could be to inquire adequately about the company that called us to do the interview, in order to provide an idea of ​​what we might look like once inserted in the organic: the most insecure could even go to the workplace in advance to observe the employees as they enter or leave and take note of what they are wearing.

Presenting yourself in a jacket and tie in an environment where all employees are in shorts and flip flops will certainly be out of place, therefore it is better to opt for a middle ground that communicates a sense of responsibility and professionalism, regardless of the work sector. For creative professions, you can add fashion elements to your look, but it is generally better to orient yourself on a classic and sober style, which conveys balance. Appropriateness is the most important factor in choosing clothing for a job interview.

The choice of color

Color is an extremely important component in choosing the right dress. Color is the first thing you notice, therefore it must be carefully selected. The first question is: neutral or colored? Black and gray are not the only colors, there are also many colors that can prove to be successful, both in men’s and women’s clothing: brown, beige, green, blue, pink, lilac etc. The pastel colors are a great compromise between the desire to dare with color and the desire to appear formal and professional. The colors accesses are not inherently absolute bandits, more than anything else could distract attentionof those who are interviewing us and consequently overshadow their qualities. At the limit you can dare with a more flashy and colorful bag, which balances the rigor of your dress.

In the case of all those ” creative ” professions related to the fashion, design and advertising sectors, clothing could play an even more decisive role, having to prove that it knows how to use colors, shapes and combinations: in these cases it is possible, indeed advisable, wear something that highlights your personality and your taste, leaving room for even the most bold colors or clothes that go beyond too traditional canons. The rule for everyone is to appear clean and tidy.

The ideal clothing for office work

For women, the suit is always a winning idea, as long as you don’t choose an excessively classic one. Better to focus on fresh and youthful cuts and fabrics that adapt to your shapes. To balance a slightly too rigorous outfit, you can resort to some original accessories, such as a nice belt or an elegant boot. Being elegant does not mean having to look like a career woman at all costs, as it could convey a wrong message and an overly ambitious and aggressive personality.

The ideal clothing for a job in the creative sector

The watchword is: Presenting yourself at a job interview for a position that involves creativity, you need to demonstrate that you have a precise and recognizable style, which conveys confidence in mastering the details and an impeccable taste in combining shapes and colors. Colors and accessories are welcome, being careful not to exceed or not seem too extravagant. To dare, but with judgment.

Tips for a winning look at the job interview

Once you have chosen the style in which to dress, it is good to have some guidelines in mind, always valid and useful for getting your bearings. The secret is to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and at the same time match the dress code of that particular company.

  • Make sure that the clothing suits your person and your body: a visibly too tight dress would be immediately noticeable and would not make us feel at ease.
  • Make sure the clothes are clean and well ironed: there is nothing worse than a shirt or a wrinkled jacket.
  • The dress must be in line with the season: if we face an interview in the middle of summer, we would do better to prefer light clothing, but still formal.
  • Avoid flashy jewels. The interviewer’s attention would be diverted to these details.
  • Avoid too persistent perfumes and aftershaves: not everyone appreciates strong odors, while some may even be allergic. If you have doubts about it, the advice is to appear clean, of course, but without lotions or intense perfumes. The perfume is, moreover, the most personal and subjective perfume that exists, so what might seem to us the best perfume in the world could be unpleasant to our interviewer.
  • For women, avoid to expose too much exposed skin (arms, legs etc.).
  • Take care to present your hair/beard/mustache in order. For men, in certain working environments it would be better to completely shave the face, so as to look as well- groomed as possible.
  • Avoid flashy accessories too: light to watch, faith bridal, small earrings and bracelets, and best left at home necklaces large, noisy bracelets and scarves too colorful.
  • Avoid colors that are too bright or inappropriate for the occasion: this does not necessarily mean wearing gray or black, but rather choosing colors that suit your complexion and personality.
  • If you are wearing trousers, be sure to also wear a suitable belt, possibly matched to the color of the shoes.
  • For women, avoid too heavy a make-up: a light make-up makes you look more cared for and is a good choice, but you should avoid eye shadows and lipsticks with excessive tones as much as possible. And always check that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth!
  • If you have doubts about the style to be adopted, it is better to opt for a too formal look, rather than for a too casual look.
  • For women, avoid too short skirts or skirts that create embarrassment or trouble the moment you sit down.
  • Wear suitable shoes, avoiding too bright colors, too high heels or sprouting fingers.

Check that your hands are well-cared for your hands are in fact one of the most exposed parts during the interview, so better make sure you have tidy nails, not too long and possibly neutral polish.

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