Hand Bag

The bag that alerts you when you spend too much

In Scotland, students at the University of Dundee, have designed a bag anti-consumerism. A good or a bad idea?

And if it were your own bag to tell you that you’re spending too much? A new project that comes from Scotland seems to have the goal of making the accessory most used by women a real financial advisor. News that on the one hand and on the other terrifying fascinates. 

Hand Bag
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The students of the University of Dundee (College of Art and Design) designed a bag that can recognize when the card is removed from the pocket or wallet and ask if you really think about what you are going to buy is essential. “You really think you need it?” he asks with a voice louder, depending on the time between when we got the credit card in hand. A real talking cricket for us women, in fact.

“The project aims to make people aware of what they have and if, indeed, he needs to buy more. Consumerism today is all about. And we want to show to others in a way that reflects the standards of the world in which we live. This bag does exactly the opposite, putting even embarrassed with the rest of the world. These are the words that an English newspaper from Leanne Fischler, one of the three students who worked on the project. Kirsty Sneddon and Rebecca Smith are the names of the other two design students who have made ​​the idea closer to reality.

While we cannot decide if this is good or bad news, the piece, in fact, is not directed towards the market. Rather it is meant to live life as a project which aims to make all of us aware and think about the things we really need, even while shopping with our friends.

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