Do Estate Agent’s Fees Vary Across the Country?

Estate agency fees can vary across the country for many reasons, and we have looked at some of these for you.

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The location of your property can make a big difference to those final estate agent fees. Similar properties in different locations of the country can differ in price. If you are considering a home buyers survey Manchester is a prime example of an area with terraced houses of an architectural style similar to those in the south but at a significantly lower value. The property price will be reflected in your final agency fees, as these are routinely calculated on a percentage.

Property Type

The outcome of a homebuyers survey from a provider such as may, of course, render some properties harder to sell than others. Conversely, another property might be located in a sought-after area and be very sellable. An agent may already have a purchaser on their books waiting for this type of property, so in this case, the fee might be reduced due to less advertising required and fewer visits to the property with potential buyers.

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When asking for a quotation from an estate agent you can always negotiate their final fee. If your house is in a good location which is popular and you know houses sell quickly, then you can use this as a basis of requesting a lower fee. However, you may have to be prepared for the agent to not promote your property as much as similar properties on the books. But as it would be in an agent’s best interests to keep your business, don’t be afraid to ask to negotiate their fee.

Review Sites

A good estate agent will work hard to promote your property and provide you with a service. When commissioning an agent together with a homebuyers survey Manchester has a number of options, and it is worthwhile checking review sites before you make your final decision. The cheapest quote you are offered might not necessarily be the best. As with any professional service, remember to read the small print.

When selling a property there are many things to consider. Taking some time to choose the right estate agent at the right fee will be one less thing to think about and could just lead to a quick property sale.

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