2021 brought men’s fashion some real disasters. As the New Year approaches, what better resolution to make then to leave 2021’s fashion disasters firmly in the past? Allow us to walk you through six men’s fashion trends which are best left in 2021 forever.

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Time to bin those skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have had their heyday; don’t bring this tired, dated and quite frankly uncomfortable design into your New Year. The timeless straight leg or the subtly sculpted tapered jeans are much better options. For those looking for the best jean design for their body type Ralph Lauren menswear offers a range of classic styles.

Retro 90’s haircuts

Beloved of the 90’s and many a K-Pop boyband member, 2021 brought back the bowl cut. It was a bold experiment; it did not work. Neither did their equally ugly cousins, the mullet and curtains.

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Unethical fast fashion

It’s not just bad styles of 2021 that you should wave goodbye to, it’s the unethical choices that have characterised this year. Cheap shoes and clothes mass-produced in sweatshops by workers in poor conditions need to go. It’s also terrible for the environment, with fast fashion creating pollution and excessive waste. According to the BBC, up to 10% of the world’s emissions are from clothes manufacturing. We need to take accountability for our actions as empowered, ethical consumers. In practice, this means spending a bit more and buying a lot less. This way you end up with high-quality items of clothing that will last. It’s better for the planet and it’s better for you!

Nightwear as daywear

The surge in working from home has really changed our wardrobes, and not for the better, with many choosing not to get dressed at all! The novelty of spending the day in your pyjamas should well and truly have worn off now. For those looking for a smart new WFH wardrobe, sites such as EJ Menswear have a great selection.

Macho posturing with muscle-fit clothing

Tighter at the bicep, this design clings and squeezes uncomfortably to try to manufacture the appearance of bulging pop-eye style muscles. Best avoided at all costs.

Showing off your ankles

The sweaty sockless look of 2021, where sporting a bare ankle like a risqué Victorian was on-trend, is thankfully over. Treat yourself to a nice pack of socks!