How clothes can be damaged in a washing machine

Whether your clothes are new or old, taking proper care of them can increase their longevity. This extends to how you wash your clothing, which can have an effect on how the clothing holds up.

Why you should pay attention to how you wash your clothes

Taking care of your clothes requires understanding the fabric and the best methods of cleaning it. Understanding this can save you money and reduce your waste in the long run.

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The easiest way to take care of your clothes is to use a setting suitable to the fabric of the item. Many washing machines on the market come with a variety of pre-set programmes, such as the integrated washing machines seen at

Some common ways clothes get damaged while washing

Loose coins, hairpins, and similar objects all pose a risk of tearing fabric, as well as possibly causing damage to the machine. For this reason, you should also fasten any zips correctly before putting them in the wash, to eliminate potential snags.

Not washing clothes according to colour scheme (lights, darks, colours) increases the likelihood that colours will fade.

Not washing your clothes at the correct temperature for the fabric can shrink the clothing or cause it to lose its shape and elasticity quickly. Many modern washing machines and integrated washing machines have settings for different types of fabrics and will pre-select the correct temperature for you.

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Another common way that clothes get damaged is by overfilling the machine. This adds stress to the fabric, as it is forced to rub against other pieces or the machine door, resulting in rips and tears. Make sure not to overfill on detergent either as this causes extra suds and leaves a sticky residue on your clothes.

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