High forehead? Haircuts and hairstyles to hide it

A high forehead is not a physical defect, but those who have it may feel uncomfortable or not particularly love it. The high forehead becomes a problem especially for girls who have little and thin hair because it can make them look bald even if they are not. However, there are many solutions to mask too high hairline. And if haircuts and hairstyles aren’t enough, make-up comes to our aid!

The forehead plays an important role in the harmonies and balance of our face, for this reason, we must pay attention to which haircuts to choose and how to decide to enhance it. Covering it completely is not always the right solution, which is why we offer you different haircuts and types of make-up to enhance it.

How to hide the high forehead: the bangs

The simplest and most immediate solution is obviously the bangs. The bangs look great on a face with a high forehead, while those who, for example, have a low forehead should avoid it altogether. The fringe hides the hairline, hides the forehead, and makes the eyes stand out a lot, giving a completely different light to the face and taking attention away from the forehead.

The short cut

Actress Jena Malone has given her hair a cut by opting for a bob with a long tuft. The appearance of her face has totally changed and for some years now the actress still wears this cut. Short hair with a long side tuft can radically alter the look of a face and now looking at the actress the first thing we notice is not the wide forehead but the whole face.

The short cut with side tuft, in addition to softening the features, also softens the look and makes certain features less hard and evident, such as the fringe. Even more so, if you have a particularly elongated face, the bob or the lob can create a nice contrast.

The line in the center

It is often believed that the line in the center is not good for those with high foreheads and should be avoided. Not so: the parting in the center allows the strands of hair to fall sideways along the face and this greatly camouflages the forehead. Better still if the locks are short and reach eye level. If the locks instead are scaled and gradually descend along the face even better, the scaling will give movement and harmonize even the hardest features giving a better proportion to the face. Rihanna has tried practically any hair cut and color, her high and protruding forehead doesn’t seem to have created any kind of complex for her, and she goes from hiding it completely under the bangs to showing it by pulling her hair up.

The lateral tuft

Like the bangs, the side tuft will also mask the high forehead. The parting on one side with a long or short tuft will hide the hairline and make you look less bald.

See how the face of actress Dakota Johnson changes with a side tuft: the new hairstyle softens her face a lot and also in this case also affects the look and the brightness of the whole face. In the case of Dakota Johnson, color also played its part: the lighter touches further favored the light on the face.

How to wear makeup with a high forehead

Not only haircuts and hairstyles, but even make-up can also help us a lot to change the look of our face. In the case of too high a forehead, contouring is what can save us.

We will therefore have to optically reduce the size of the forehead and thus create lights and shadows that play in our favor. Instead of applying the dark earth only to the sides of the forehead, apply it also to the hairline, blend it down so that the dark part takes about 3 cm of your forehead. Proceed to apply the dark earth also on the temples in order to make them appear smaller and less wide. In the center of the forehead, light up with a lighter powder. You will have to blend very well so that the make-up is there, has its effect, but you don’t notice it.

As a last touch, you will have to apply the highlighter: not light powder, but the highlighter, the one that shines and glitters only on the central part of the face, completely avoiding the forehead area. Then apply it on the cheekbones, chin, and jaws. In this way, you will have “shadowed” your forehead and will have highlighted only the central points of your face.

Even the blush and contouring cheekbones can greatly help those who have a high forehead. By creating volumes and giving three-dimensionality to the face, it removes that characteristic flatness of those with a high forehead or a slightly elongated face. Movement is created and cheekbones and the various volumes of the face are marked. The blush is the final touch that goes to slightly color the cheeks and can make them look rounder and more defined.

The eyebrows are also very important. See how Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows and makeup completely overshadow her forehead. If you have a high forehead and extremely thin or too light and thin eyebrows they will almost disappear and make your forehead look even wider. If you have a very high hairline then it is necessary that your eyebrows balance the face and therefore be beautiful thick and marked. Get help from a beautician to find the perfect arch for you but make sure your eyebrows are never clear or thin. Fill them often and also resort to dyes or microblading if necessary.

As for the lips, yes to bright and intense colors. This will draw all the attention to the lower and central part of the face, once again balancing the size and volumes of the face. You can also add more intensity to the smile by using a lip pencil to make your lips appear larger and more defined; matte lipsticks are also excellent allies

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