The modern bride and her traditional accessory – Mangalsutra!

When our bride has gone from docile to savvy, how other things cannot change!

Mangalsutra in Indian tradition is not just a kind of jewellery, but a pious bond of love, commitment and trust between two people, between two souls; it is a sign of a married woman and also symbolises successful marriage association. It is an integral part of Hindu marriage.

It is believed that the black beads protects the bride from the evil and preserves the purity of the marital bond. Serving as the symbol of eternal love, the groom ties the Mangalsutra around the neck of his bride meanwhile priest speak Vedic mantras, during the wedding ceremony.


But even today, the new age bride believes Mangalsutra to be sacred to marriage.

In India, Mangalsutra has given different names to these auspicious beads called Mangalsutra. In some parts of the country, it is termed as maangalyamor thaaly, and in others, it is Mangalsutra. Many people believe that the idea of this pious bead has its origins from South India. The enormous worth and prominence even in North India has made it an imperative part of the Indian marriage ceremony.

Is Mangalsutra Chic for Twitter Times?

In this twitter times, the concept of wearing Mangalsutra has remarkably changed. While the classic gold pendant is still popular, some blushing brides opt for a diamond pendant. The traditional pendant of two circular gold discs has given way to lockets in different shapes and different patterns.

The traditional black beads are coupled with gold in different styles like using a single string which is much in vogue today.

Another trend that is picking up is; Mangalsutra with matching earrings. Clearly invented for our twitter bride woman who wants to be traditional and yet not compromise on style!

Especially in the metro cities, with moving time as well as variable needs of the working women, it is defined as the style statement more than a representation of marriage. Seldom does a corporate executive flaunt a Mangalsutra over her formal business suits.

Earlier, women wore heavily ornamented gold Mangalsutras, but inspired by Bollywood and television divas and serials, today women wear short, single and sleek string with designer pendants.

Unlike before, many prefer a shorter Mangalsutra, a choker-inspired that in slowly coming into vogue.

The black beads in the Mangalsutra are sometimes alternated with diamonds or corals, designed to interchange the pendants to suit any occasion.

Many fashion conscious families opt for delicate designs or a more contemporary style, not conforming to the traditional sensibilities or functions of wearing a Mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra: Various Types that Revamp Indian Bride

Marathi Mangalsutra

It is a combination of gold and black beads in a twofold layer that signifies, both the powers of Shiva and Shakti, besides with a pendant. This gold pendant symbolises great union of Shiva and Shakti.

Marwari Mangalsutra

The glittering diamond pendant with black beads is generally used by the Gujaratis and Marwaris. It is sometimes interchangeable. This trend is becoming popular widely in different other culture too.

Kerala Christian Minnu

People of Kerala termed Mangalsutra as thali. In Kerala, the Hindu mangalsutra is called as thali and the second Christian mangalsutra termed as minnu.

Telugu mangalsutra

Mangalsutra of Telugu communities have gold coins and coral beads with the main pendant in gold chain.

Brahmin thali

In Tamil Brahmins community, the Mangalsutraor thali is a pendent in a thread immersed in turmeric water. After the marriage the pendant is shifted in the gold chain.

So, while you can go traditional with convention, a dash of style and chic is always welcome.







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