Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, five moves to get her style

The secrets are simple elegance of Kate Middleton.Here are the lessons to learn to have a style princess

Kate Middleton, the Cinderella of the day, dream about women around the world not only because her story has become a reality, but also for her impeccable style in all circumstances.

Kate Middleton
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The Duchess of Cambridge contrary to what you might think he did treasure of simple secrets so as to be always elegant.Here are five lessons to be learned.

1. Royals are not born, they become

Do not need blue blood to have a style princess and Kate is the proof.Duchess features a more elegant look.Her boss for excellence is surely thesheathin three quarters, cut and simple colors.In the colder months is the usual show off the iconiccoat screwed, never banal.Tip of many colors, from pure white to red, from electric blue to powder pink and usually goes dark gloves.

2. Never change a winning Outfit

Kate was recently crowned “princess of low cost”, because of its trusted brands seems there areZara,TopShopandM & S.The wife of William but not only loves to buy in shops at affordable prices, but has often been seen wearing the same outfit more than once.Who ever said that you cannot dress the same way twice?Especially if the clothes fit particularly well.

Kate Middleton
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3. Be always up

A true princess has to be ready for any eventuality.Kate chooses fact always wear shoes withheels, never excessive always 6-7 cm.Her favorites are the LK Bennet.

4. When in doubt wearing the tiara

Recently the Duchess began to wear a new accessory:the tiara.Maybe it’s time for Kate to say goodbye to her Hats- accessory amatissim- and begin enjoying the family jewels. But it should not be at Buckingham Palace to show off a tiara.Be prepared, because this will be just the accessory trend for next spring.

Kate Middleton
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5. The smile is the best accessory

Secrets to resemble the lovely Kate, there are no end, but the difference is only one: the smile, which makes it look in all circumstances serene and resting.

You have to wear what makes us feel good, feel princesses is the first step to be really.

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