How to wear the spotted in style

How to Wear the Spotted in Style

The beauty of a woman also lies in her inconsistency. For this reason, the best way to find your own style is to enhance a look that best represents it. Expressing their thoughts and choosing garments that can enhance the figure. So instead of camouflaging it, make it more original and homologate it to current fashion. One of the styles that are most popular today is the spotted one. The latter fits almost anything and can be combined with various patterns and colors. An almost exotic and ethnic tribal touch. In the following guide, I indicate how to wear the spotted in style.

How to wear the spotted in style?

You will need:

  • Leopard neck dress
  • Beige leather belt
  • Black shoes
  • Light tiger blouse
  • Wide black trousers
  • Printed belt
  • Two-tone beige and black bag
  • Spotted stretch dress
  • Blacktop
  • Ecru leopard print peach trousers
  • Shirt embroidered with drawstring
  • Ankle boots with tiger print

How to wear the spotted in style


Spotted clothes are garments that are chosen for different occasions. But to wear them in style, it is essential to combine them with appropriate accessories. By choosing the print and the fabric that best enhance the outfit. Drapings, ruffles, ruffles and light curls, can enrich an elegant spotted dress, which can be worn for an important ceremony. But even a long and fluid dress in precious satin can be a valid alternative to the first.

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Both dresses can be combined with beige or black chiffon scarves. Enriching it all with ethnic necklaces and with very elegant décolleté, while a look to be used for free time, it can be a simple sheath dress with leopard or zebra-striped designs. The latter can be accompanied by bijoux in metal and pearls, black glasses and printed sandals.


Fashion for every season always risks some interpretations. In fact, spotted coats are the must of winter. Although it may seem too flashy to many, the spotted can be worn in style. The important thing is to know how to combine it with refinement, without exaggerating. Therefore, if you decide to put it as a shrug, you should avoid clothes with animal prints. But wear simple clothes with colors that tend to stand out altogether.

Accessories must also be chosen, following the same criterion. For example, a suede coat with end bands at the edges of the sleeves should preferably be worn with black clothes and shoes and boots with heels. On the other hand, if you need to create a clearly more sober look, you need to minimize it with white sneakers.


Spotted shoes are in fashion and are trendy every year. The models are infinite and the details recall the leopard and tiger prints. The latter can be combined with different garments and accessories. For example, if you want to create a suitable outfit for every day, you can wear sneakers with a spotted print, adapting them with jeans and colored blouses. While for a refined and elegant look, a printed shoe with a stiletto heel and pointed toe. The latter combined with a black or blue suit or suit.


Spotted shirts are without a doubt the most sought after garment. These can be accompanied by skirts and pants of all kinds. But they must always be worn with style. A light shirt finished with tiger prints, goes very well with dark brown trousers. The latter is an ideal outfit to wear during the day. Instead of the evening you can opt for a more elegant model. May be embellished with a bow on the neckline and jewel buttons on the cuffs. The accessories must be chosen with care and following your tastes.

Never forget:

If you wear garments with spotted prints it is essential to choose different combinations. Preferring neutral and soft colors.

As always, the solution is accessories. These should be chosen without exaggerating, transforming the look and making it soberer.

For a glam outfit, accessories such as pins and velvet shoes can be added. Another way to wear the spotted with style is to combine a shiny top with a skirt of any spotted print with lace inserts,

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