5 Of The Most Sophisticated Ways To Tie A Tie

Once tying a tie was considered a woman’s duty, but many of the fair sex and now gladly help her man in weaving knots. Of course, such touching care is very pleasant, but it would be nice to be able to tie your own tie in case you don’t get close or you don’t want to break her sweet sleep in the early morning.

Kinds of knots for a tie for all the time of its existence invented a great many. Some researchers have up to 85 ways. It is unlikely that the ability to make all of them will ever come in handy, especially since most of them are minor variations on the theme of the classics. The average man is enough to know and be able to do five knots:

  • Oriental
  • Onassis
  • Windsor
  • Eldridge
  • Van wake

5 Of The Most Sophisticated Ways To Tie A Tie

Oriental is the easiest classic way to tie a tie. It got its name by origin – it came to us from the East (English orient – east). It is done in just three steps: a thin part of the tie is put on a thick one, then a thick one is wrapped around a thin one, stretched up to the collar of the shirt and passed into the resulting loop. This knot is suitable for everyday wear, but you need to remember that because of the simplicity it will not have enough volume, so it is better to choose a tie from dense fabrics. In addition, it will have to be corrected periodically, as it is very easily untied.

Knot Onassis, as you might guess, came up with the Greek multi-billionaire, the second husband of Jackie Kennedy. It looks rather unusual, although at the base of it is a classic knot, only the wide end of the tie at the last stage freely spreads, and is not fixed in a loop. For him, a tie with a bright print of the light thin fabric is best suited.

Windsor has remained popular for quite a long time, although it was invented by the Duke of Windsor at the beginning of the last century. And this is not surprising: such a node is extremely convenient since it is not untied by itself, its width can be adjusted without detriment to appearance. However, in order to learn how to tie it, you will have to try: put a wide part of the tie over the thin one, stretch it up and then down and left, then up again, twisting the neck part of the tie on either side. Now we cover this place from left to right with the wide part of the tie, again we thread it upwards and push it into the resulting loop.

For a Windsor knot, you will need a tie that is 4 centimeters longer than usual. It is best combined with the shape of the collar of a shark shirt.

Eldridge is not like any other node, rather, it resembles a pigtail, but nevertheless, it is classified as a classic. For him, it is best to use a tie of sufficient length and a neutral gamut, since it alone will attract attention.

Van Wake Knot is a female invention. An artist with this beautiful name could not invent a complex knot, but the result will certainly justify all efforts. He looks very dignified and unusual, looks great on bright ties with bright patterns.