Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

The fair sex is aware of the fact that well-chosen underwear of good quality is not only the perfect weapon of seduction but also the best way to correct imperfections, emphasize grace and create a harmonious image. The choice of kits is a true art, which is perfectly desirable for every lady who aspires to dress elegantly and keeps abreast of current trends. Designers offer today such a variety of stylish and comfortable models that any girl will be able to choose her ideal set among them regardless of body build. Underwear of saturated dark shades, known for their ability to visually “clean up” excess volumes on the waist and hips – an excellent choice for persons with non-standard forms!

Any of the sets created from delicate, light, like a breeze of fabrics, gives impeccable comfort and fits perfectly on the body! Bras, body captivating silhouettes from famous brands meet the needs of the most elegant and stylish persons. What to pay attention to and what models to add a wardrobe to look stylish and seductive? In our selection of the most fashionable and beautiful linen items from current collections in the 2019th. Do not miss the chance to experiment with new products, to feel beautiful and confident!

Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

Retro, push-up, pastel: what kind of underwear to choose in 2019?

Each new season brings fresh ideas, which is not difficult to see, looking at the photos of styles that are relevant this year. An important rule: underwear should be invisible under a dress or trousers and adjust the figure as much as possible. Modern women are no longer attracted to classic options. They want something daring and unusual, so the designers create models of transparent fabric, decorated with spectacular embroidery. She delicately hides everything that needs to be covered but makes the products extremely seductive. This trend looks harmonious on owners of leather of any shade.

The colors of the coming year are blue and burgundy. Along with the traditional black and white palette in fresh collections, nude lingerie with a pink undertone, peach, menthol, and powdery shades appeared. Particular attention – to the ultramarine and burgundy colors. In 2019, they are more than compensate for the absence of scarlet models that are considered the most spectacular and passionate.

Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

As for prints, the palm of primacy is in floral motifs. The main condition – the print should be quite small. Only in this case, the romantic message is preserved, which these sets carry. In the spring-summer collections, there are a lot of laconic patterns with floral patterns of various shades. Anyone who seeks to visually improve their proportions should choose products with the effect of push up.

Lace sets

A myriad of transparent inserts and laces catches your eye. When choosing such bras and sets, the main thing is not to lose a sense of proportion. Rely on feminine lines that emphasize the pluses of your figure, because sensuality is in a trend.

Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

Sports underwear

Fans of sport chic, no doubt, and when choosing underwear will take a course on an active lifestyle. Technological fabrics, laconic styles in their sophistication and femininity are not inferior to silk and lace. So feel free to choose sports bras, and “Brazilian” replace with comfortable shorts.

Bra and panties in sports style are sewn from a special functional material that provides perfect fixation and is pleasant for the body. Cups are made of breathable two-layer fabric. Elastic, adjustable straps are secured at the back with a secure buckle.

Bra bando

This style is simply irreplaceable in the summer, because in trend naked shoulders and sundresses with thin elegant straps. Under the blouse, under the dress with a wide flounce on the shelf and under the romper, get a bustier bra made of breathable fabric. Natural fabrics allow the skin to retain a feeling of comfort in any weather.

Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

Lace Body

This piquant wardrobe item confidently took its place among the trends in the coming year. And this is not surprising: on the basis of the body, you can create a lot of interesting images. Fashionable and sexy, made of fine mesh, cotton or lace, it gives the beautiful sex confidence in its attractiveness, is the most important part of women’s wardrobe. The body of satin or French lace does not need to hide under clothing today. Look at the products made from the highest quality fabrics:

  • guipure;
  • nylon;
  • cotton with elastane;
  • microfibers;
  • knitwear.

Fashion Trends Of Underwear In 2019

Seamless patterns

Presented to consumers relatively recently, in a short period, they managed to win the love of the most sophisticated fashion. The reason for the popularity of seamless underwear is to use breathable materials to create the panties and bras, in their hygroscopicity and in the pleasant sensations that they give to the owner. Seamless underwear is necessary for everyone who prefers close-fitting clothing. The basic idea is that even through thin turtlenecks, leggings there are no noticeable stitches. These elegant products are designed for elegant fitting clothes, for example, for bandage dresses that are relevant for the new season, for low-rise denim trousers. Regardless of the type of figure, the models without seams will make the silhouette elegant and sophisticated.

Body color

What are something, and beige and its numerous shades are unlikely to leave the collection of reputable linen brands? Not surprising, because each of us from time to time there is a need to wear underwear, which will be as inconspicuous as possible under the dress. Your reliable assistant in such cases – sets of nude tones. Lingerie merging with the body looks elegant, innocent and at the same time exciting. To create it, well-known trademarks use easy-to-care, soft-touch and eco-friendly fabrics that are absolutely safe for health. Choosing light and shades, look at the laconic products without excessive decor. Let minimalism be one of the topics you have mastered.


Products from the noble fabric with a resistant soft pile reign supremely reign in the fashion world is not the first season. In 2019, the fashion for this fabric reached the linen knitwear: body, bras, crop-tops with velvet applications. Numerous ways to use royal matter are welcome. I would like to touch its soft surface, which, you see, matters when it comes to underwear.

Exquisite novelties, which are offered by designers in the 2019th, are intended for everyone who appreciates comfort, naturalness, strives to look charming, delicate. Women who prefer bright colors will love models of red, emerald, blue shades, lingerie with floral print and embroidery. Any of the models is relevant this season. In the catalogs of popular brands, original panties (“tanga”, “Brazilian”), fashionable push-up bras, balconies, wonder bra and many other non-trivial products that meet the preferences of the most demanding lady!

Remember only that elegant sets of guipure and synthetics, alas, are not suitable for permanent wear. They can only be used as stylish accessories for special occasions. The most practical choice of beautiful ladies for every day is super-quality, comfortable, breathable underwear made from 100% cotton or silk. It is perfectly breathable, does not create the greenhouse effect, and most importantly, allows you to avoid many unpleasant ailments while maintaining the most valuable resource for many years – your own health!

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