How to wash underwear

How to wash underwear to kill bacteria?

The female underwear is perhaps the most delicate of all our attire, composed of cotton, silk, lace, ribbons, ribbons and different types of decoration, requires special attention for washing and as the goal is to be durable. So we give some good advice about how to wash underwear to kill bacteria.

How to wash underwear by hand?

If the garment is very delicate, the first recommendation is to wash it by hand. Especially with silk underwear, it may take more time, but it will help you live the life of the piece.

How to wash underwear

To wash it by hand, soak it in hot water, only 30º, with a little neutral or special soap for delicate items for a few minutes, lather the garment without wrinkling it. Rub it delicately, rinse and soak the garment again with water and white vinegar for a few minutes, this step will make the difference.

If it is a matter of everyday cotton garments, you can wash them in the washing machine. Always use a special bag for intimate clothing or in the absence of a pillowcase. It will help to protect them from damage caused by the machine.

Use a detergent for delicate clothes, with no type of bleach and above all remember to place the machine in the cycle of washing delicate items. So, you will minimize the damage that causes the washing machine in our clothes.

If you want your underwear to last longer, do not put it in the dryer. Let it dry naturally, avoid exposing it to the sun without garments of color and try not to hang it with tweezers so that they are not marked.

For garments with dark lace, the white vinegar is a great ally. It is also recommended that the washing be with warm water and finally with cold water.

For garments with white lace that have become yellowed, it is never advisable to use chlorine or bleach. The ideal is to put the underwear to soak with warm water and salt and wash the next morning as you usually.

If you must put a piece of synthetic fiber underwear in the dryer, remember to put it in minimum heat function. Otherwise, it could shrink.

To avoid any accident that damages your underwear, it is recommended to always read the washing instructions, this applies to clothes while you follow the instructions your pieces will be kept in good condition.

What to do to reduce the risk of infection?

how to wash underwear

To reduce the risk of infections, it is important that you wear clothes that allow the passage of air and keep your vagina fresh. You should prefer cotton garments. When washing, avoid perfumed detergents, as they contain chemicals that promote yeast growth.

It will always be better to use neutral and antibacterial soap to wash your underwear, as well as to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Prevent allergic reactions and take care of the fabrics of your clothes.

The trick of white vinegar is a classic that really works. Apply it and you will notice the difference. Always buy two types of indoor rope the cotton for daily use and the most delicate garments and separate their washing as some require more attention than others. To make your underwear last in principle, you must invest in good quality clothes. Please do not save at this point. It is your comfort.

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