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Exclusive 2016, the Eco-friendly collection5

Ecology, fashion and art come together to create a collection inspired by the most significant pieces of the last three centuries of the history of haute couture, reinterpreted in a modern way by the low cost brand. Artistic, contemporary, sustainable. The new collection H & M Conscious Exclusive 2016 is all enclosed in these three […]

Essentials of the closet

Whether to go to theoffice,stay with friendsor a romantic date.There are clothes in the closet that alwaysare a wild card, and when that happens the categorize of essential.In addition,they do not understand agesand are ideal for girls ranging from 20-70 (say).Here areinvestments that we do if we want to builda background of perfect closetand ideal […]

Designer collection 2015

The designers living inspiration and the center of their world there we are. Today we analyze 12 muses that during 2015 have influenced today’s fashion designers in the creation of their collections… The fashion is not only clothes and fashion shows, but also inspiration, dedication, a lot of creativity. The clothes and accessories are not just inanimate objects and […]