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For a winter look, master layering with style

Don’t let the cold overwhelm you and have to use ‘layers of clothing. It is possible to stay warm and look amazing with these style tips.

Getting the best winter look is quite a test, having a good outfit depends on different factors, but above all, it depends on the ability we have to transform our weaknesses into strengths. That’s what layering is for, to avoid a monotonous look by putting on the same coat over and over again in cold weather. Layers, in addition to being a trend this season, help us make our look completely cold-proof without leaving aside looking spectacular. This trend tries to superimpose different garments to combat the climate in which we find ourselves without losing style.

Layering by Colors

Winter style tips

You can take two variants in terms of color; a monochrome outfit (the same color in different tones) or play with color combinations that you would not dare to do in another context. Monochrome is the variant that takes the least risks, the most elegant and classic. This one tries to play with the textures – fur, cotton, wool, leather, or suede – of garments of the same color, navy, black, gray, and beige are the basics.

Here you can also include some of the autumn-winter trends, for example, the biker. To combine monochrome and biker style you can wear a turtleneck under a leather jacket, jeans, and black combat boots or ankle boots.

Instead, to play with colors, choose a neutral tone as a base and use it in the fundamental pieces of the look. From there, you can accessorize with accessories and other clothes in unexpected colors. It can work better if you forget the learned combinations and play with others that you would not dare to do in another context.

Play With The Volumes

Here the key trend of this season is the maxi coats, these shelter even in the most complicated weather. The silhouette here is what really matters, the colors and styles take a backseat. The secret here is to combine these oversize garments with other tighter ones to create optical juices with the proportions. You can use a belt to create different levels of depth.

Double Garment

If a jacket or coat is not enough for you, why not use two? The key for this combination to be successful is to combine different styles. For something casual, you can wear a denim jacket under a puffer jacket. Or if you prefer something a little more formal, a printed coat and a plain one on top. Or, as Selena Gomez wears it, a light sweater with a trench coat on top. A tip for you to be comfortable in that the garment you wear under the second is lighter. To give your look something extra, you can add an accent color underneath or on your accessories.

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