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How to dress to look taller, practical advice

Figure out how to dress to look taller is very important for passionate fashion, but the choice of the outfit just to show a few inches more is not always as difficult as you might imagine. Women from small stature have different tricks fashion disposal to look taller and slender, some of them suggested by the stars who are confronted every day with the same minor inconvenience. Let’s find out together.

The clothes to look taller

Perhaps not all will know, but they are really a lot of famous actresses and singers from the petite and reduced height build, as you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, celebrities of success as Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Lucy Hale, Eva Longoria, Alyssa Milano and even the Olsen twins, that some have a height less than one meter and 50. And yet we always see the wonderful TV shows in which recite or the most beautiful red carpet of the world, women who have found a way of enhancing their stature in a few moves.

How to dress
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What are the clothing items to choose from when you are not very high? The first secret to know to look tall without heels is that it helps a lot to show off your legs look more slender, and therefore also to look slimmer. This is why the short skirts, the mini-dress and shorts come immediately to help us. Also enhance the dcollet leaving in plain sight of the neck, perhaps adding a hairstyle high, it is very useful, so betting on tops and dresses with necklines large, but not too generous, and that’s it.

Skirts and high-waisted trousers are another recommended, because enhancing the waistline make your legs appear longer. Contrary to what you might think, even the long dresses are our allies, especially if combined with wedge shoes high. As for the colors to be preferred, remember that dark colors such as black, burgundy, midnight blue and gray as well as streamline help to bring up your silhouette longer and then adding cm to your height, and if you love garments with prints, prefer the vertical lines, the cast and the reasons crayon from the little plot, avoiding the fantasies too eccentric.

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The jeans are ideal to look higher are those with skinny leg or building, also to be preferred in these high-waisted versions worn with blouses inside the waistband.

How to dress
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Accessories to look taller

Even the accessories have their weight in look designed to look taller.

The shoes with heels, as you can imagine, are our best friends. Taking care to match the shoes to jeans with the most important fashion rules, sandals and heeled with stiletto heels or with larger socket is a choice only if you are comfortable wearing them, a golden rule to be reckoned with.

The palazzo pants paired boots or heeled narrow tip by grittier style, while the mini-dresses and long gowns like sandals, preferably in contrasting colors. The lovers of inspiration ladylike look will always bet on brogues shoes with strings to tie on the instep, an evergreen with no season.

Even handbags have their own importance: the models preferred to slim your figure are those of small size, preferably messenger bags. The mini bags, very successful creations in any collection of small and large fashion brands, will make your look more youthful and playful, as well as make you appear taller. And finally, complete your outfit with narrow belts and bijoux of medium to large size, taking into account the rules to match the jewelry to clothes without missing.

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