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How to exchange clothes with your best friend without fighting

Exchanging clothes with your best friend, more often, it leads to the furious quarrel.Here are some practical tips to avoid them…

Among best friends we often swap clothes, especially during important (when you have to meet a man) and one of the two called each other by saying: “I have nothing to wear, can I borrow something?“. If a woman pays the clothes means it is really her best friend, because the fairer sex takes more to their wardrobe to her man.This, however, would lead to quarrels and discussions.Here are five practical tips on how to exchange clothes but without question.

Shopping together

Shopping with her ​​best friend is always a good idea. Together we recommend, and you might as well buy the same stock. This leads not to exchange clothes, because among the best friends you are not jealous if one has the same garment of the other and there is not the fight of “I saw it first.” Wear the same dress is a moment of happiness; indeed do not wait to show it off on the same occasion.

exchange dresses
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A fair exchange

It is good to make a fair exchange, and exchange clothes, bags and accessories that have the same value, both emotional and economic, for both. Otherwise, this could be a great cause for debate.

Do not spoil the boss borrowed

Never ruin the dress of your friend, might rage. We must always return the head as new. Better not to wear it on occasions when the dress can get stained, so no alcoholic evenings.

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Always ask permission

Even if you’re friends for life you must always ask permission before searching the closet the dress that you want performed, because you know, her friends are sacred but the more clothes.

Return the boss always perfumed

We must always return the dress in conditions not perfect, but more. Clothes that are not ours we must treat them as if they were, so it is mandatory return fragrant just did laundry.

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