Image For A Woman At A Party In The Style Of “Chicago”

Image For A Woman At A Party In The Style Of “Chicago”

What associations do we have when we hear the word “Chicago”? The famous musical with Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger? Or an American city with skyscrapers, canals, and parks? No, in my head images of elegant women from the 30s come up. The scenery is not so important, but the chic outfits of the fair sex representatives of that time are impossible not to admire. Today, the theme of the return to the era of gangster America is more popular than ever. Retro parties are now simply arranged everywhere, and many girls are worried about how to dress in the style of “Chicago” to become the center of attention at the festive event and really shine.

Image For A Woman At A Party In The Style Of Chicago

Features of the style of “Chicago” in women’s clothing

In the 30s of XX century in America reigned chic, luxury and freedom of manners. This is primarily reflected in the fashion of the time. That is why modern women’s clothing in the style of “Chicago” combines not only beauty and femininity but also openness and extraordinary. Among the many memorable details of glamorous “gangster” images one can single out the following:

  • an absence of sleeves, deep neckline and naked back in tops and dresses, thin straps;
  • an oblique cut of cylindrical shape with low waist;
  • a large number of decorative elements, such as rhinestones, sequins, sequins, beads, and fringe;
  • light, thin and translucent materials;
  • original accessories such as lush boa, tiny clutch, bandages on the head with feathers and stones, net stockings, intricate jewelry, etc.

For a long time, this style was relevant only for nightlife. To wear such bright and provocative outfits was ready to dare a rare fashionista. Today, this image has become trendy, and events in the style of “Chicago” are held in a variety of institutions.

Image For A Woman At A Party In The Style Of Chicago

How to dress for a party in the style of the 30s

Going to a party in the style of “Chicago” your image should be considered taking into account absolutely all the details. The dress is better to choose without sleeves, fitting, but to the bottom slightly flared, with embroidery and other decor options. The hem of the skirt or dcolletage zone can be trimmed with fringe or decorate with ribbons, artificial fur, and sequins. Such a decision is quite budgetary, but it allows you to make an image as relevant to the subject and original.

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Despite the fact that the dress – an important element of the ladies’ toilet in the style of “Chicago”, the leading role, in any case, should belong to accessories. The following things can be considered a standard of fashion in the 1930s:

  • handbag-clutch, reminiscent of a postal envelope;
  • A miniature hat or a thin bezel with paillettes, flowers, and feathers;
  • long beads made of artificial pearls, which can be wrapped around the neck several times, thin gilded chains or massive necklaces;
  • Fur palatine or boa, hiding bare bones;
  • Long velvet gloves suitable for the color of shoes;
  • elegant thin mouthpiece.

Picking accessories, remember that a party in the style of “Chicago” – this is the event, which is appropriate to wear really cheap jewelry. The modern mass market in 2018 is full of various variants of costume jewelry, among which you can select several suitable models and experiment.

Image For A Woman At A Party In The Style Of Chicago

As for shoes with the Chicago style, the ideal option will be classic boats with a slightly rounded toe, an ankle strap and a thin heel of medium height. However, as in the case of accessories, you can easily experiment with shoes. If you think that you will look much more effective in ankle boots on mind-boggling stilettos – decide! America’s style of the 1930s is the absence of any framework and canons. The length of the skirt, the height of the heel, the hairstyle and the amount of decor on the attire are the variables that are subject only to you. And having decided on the outfit, remember that it is more important than any toilet, your enthusiasm, and mood. The style of “Chicago” is not only fringe and sparkles but also a desire to live right here and now, dance until the morning and shoot with your eyes.

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