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How to dress casual

Dressing casually does not mean sloppy! Casual Dress Up is an art that involves a high attention to detail and a sense of observation. T-shirts and jeans is the clothing of a man or a woman “out of service”, which should not wear suits or overalls. Some jeans and t-shirts are great for a morning at the beach or if you want to spend a Saturday night in front of the TV, but casual dress is a different story!

Casual Dress
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Casual dressing is ideal for any occasion for a picnic, a cinema or to meet with business associates of your partner. Certainly not a casual style is not suited to the theater or to the formal ceremonies, but for those circumstances we have more in our closet!

Casual dressing is not expected to come in torn jeans, pants or shirts wrinkled old, in fact, these things are banned. We must pay attention to the integrity of our clothes, the goal of “casual “is to combine a classic style in an informal, so as to be elegantly casual. To play a role are the shoes. For casual dressing might be a good strategy to wear shoes classic casual trousers.

Casual Dress
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How to Dress Casual – The buttons

When you wear the jacket, take care to button only three buttons, preferably those middle or down, or you can keep them unbuttoned. The cardigan is a cult of casual, then it is preferable to leave undone both the first and the last button.

How to Dress Casual – The colors

Dressed completely in black is to be avoided as too elegant and formal, better to prefer pastel colors, of course not have to dress in pastel colors from head to toe! Beware effect candy! Best neutral colors such as sand, pale pink, khaki, combined with color shades more decisive.

How to Dress Casual – The clothing

More than apparel, casual dressing, you have to work on matching! The purpose of the causal is to combine a classic style to a more informal, which is why we recommended wearing shoes classic, but otherwise? Here is a list of appropriate clothing for a casual style.

  • Classic shoes, but not shiny
  • Pinstripe jackets
  • Khakis
  • Corduroy pants
  • Dark jeans
  • Cardigans
  • Polo, Golf
Casual Dress
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Sneakers and sandals are completely banned, good for leather shoes or moccasins fabric! The shirts are perfect, especially in long sleeves, even in the summer evenings. Women who want to dress casual attire must give up too tight and short skirts, also for women, it’s good to remember that if you want to dress casually must use a more natural makeup.

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