Stripping and Strobbing

Makeup Trends for 2017: Sun Stripping and Strobbing

Sun-stripping and strobbing are the new makeup trends we’ll see in 2017. It’s about giving the face a more natural look.

This year ending brought with it many trends in the beauty industry. Prominent and fleshy lips were among the most sought after among women. Now begins the 2017 new trends are you hogging the spotlight, is the Strobbing and Sun stripping. Discover what new trends in makeup are about.

Stripping and Strobbing
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Sun stripping

It will be the key trend for spring and summer, as it seeks to give the skin a tanning effect. To cause this effect you must apply matting tanning powders in places on your face where you would usually notice a tan by the sun: nose and cheeks.

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Stripping and Strobbing
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This technique helps you accentuate the points of light and give a much more harmonious look to your face. To apply it you must use an illuminator preferably liquid, although you can also use it in cream.

The illuminator is applied in areas that capture more light: the nose, the fringe, the upper cheekbones and the cupid bow (above the lips). To finish just apply a little bit of base and powder.

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