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The sunglasses not only have the function of protecting the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun, but above all they have to add that touch of glamor that makes us special, different, trendy and … sexy. It is not for nothing that the stars choose with great care an important and explicit accessory such as sunglasses – frame, color, lenses – often even relying on the expert advice of those who wear them and take care of the look. But we ‘humans’, how do we choose the glasses that do for us? Here is a small guide to choose the right model for your face, the model that will make you a ‘star’.

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Do not try too hard!

Do not follow the current fashion trends at all costs. A certain type of glasses can be very trendy, but it is not said to be for you. Maybe it does not give you, or it’s so explicit that it makes you look like the most fierce ‘fashion-victim’ in the world. The glasses you choose must not only be suitable for your face, but also for your personality and the environment in which you move. Be aware of the message you give with the sunglasses you choose.

A basic rule

Sunglasses are never enough! It would be ideal to have a different pair for each mood. Unfortunately, it is not possible. So keep it as a basic rule: a rather classic pair of excellent quality for every day and a funky and fun pair for a ‘cool’ look and the latest fashion (the latter can also be not too expensive – both the next year you will definitely buy another pair, and so on …). An example of classic glasses that can be combined with practically everything, are aviators.

Our tip: try, try and try again …

To find the perfect eyewear model for you, it would be ideal to try all the models available. Hundreds, thousands of models … Until you find the ‘love at first sight’ model. Because you will recognize the right model right away. For how you are, for how ‘fits’, for how ‘looks’. But since we are often limited in choice (and in time) we will have to adopt another method of ‘research’. Here are some rules can help …

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A. The shape of the face

Usually applies: opt for a frame with ‘opposite’ lines in relation to the shape of your face. So if you have a round face, opt for a rather square frame, if you have a rather square face, opt for a round frame.

But there are more precise rules, formulated by experts, which divide the shapes of the face into seven categories …

(1) The oval face, also considered the most ‘perfect’ form of the face. This type of face, which is characterized by high cheekbones and a rather small chin, can have virtually any type of frame.

(2) The square face: Forehead and chin are more or less the same width. The ideal frame is rather round and not too large (not to further enlarge the face)

(3) Long and square: The face is longer than it is wide. Opt for a large frame that covers the central part of the face (with large and round lenses) to make it less elongated.

(4) Round: the face is as wide as long and the features are soft, not sharp. The ideal frame is rather square or linear, and dark in color, to make the face appear slimmer and thinner.

(5) Diamond-shaped: A rather narrow forehead, rather wide cheekbones and a small chin. The ideal frame ‘widens’ the forehead. Therefore, opt for a straight up frame with lenses that are rounded down (many ‘aviator’ glasses have this shape)

(6) Heart-shaped: The cheekbones and forehead are large, the chin and the mouth small. Beware of frames that are too large or large. Better to opt for lightweight-looking glasses – rimless or light-colored – or for a larger model below than above.

(7) In the shape of ‘inverted heart’: The chin is wider than cheekbones and forehead. Opt for a frame that makes the cheekbones more important.

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B. Colors

We usually distinguish between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ types (it has nothing to do with your personality). Being hot or cold is determined by the color of the skin, the eyes (though less important) and the color of the hair.

The ‘hot types’ have a rather yellow complexion; the facial skin of the ‘cold types’ mainly shows red, pink or bluish tones. The olive skin instead is considered ‘neither hot nor cold’.

Hair with warm shades are, for example, blonde gold, brown and black with brown background. Hair with cool shades are blond ash, platinum, gray, black with blue background.

Once you have established which category you belong to, it is easier to choose the color of the frame. The rule is that usually the ‘hot’ types are better with frames with warm shades such as gold, copper, brown, the ‘turtle’, while for the ‘cold types’ are better cold shades such as black, gray, blue and pink.

C. The size of the nose

An important nose requires large sunglasses, a small nose instead requires glasses that allow themselves to be worn high on the nose, preferably in light shades to make the nose look longer.

D. The size of the face (also in relation to the body)

If you have a rather large face, opt for the ‘maxi’ glasses, so fashionable at the moment. A smaller face is better with a more discreet frame, even if nowadays there are more and more ‘little girls’ who hide behind huge lenses, with the (desired) ‘fly’ effect. Just think of Victoria Beckham, Nicole Ritchie and the ‘Olson Twins’, Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Let yourself be accompanied by a friend

One last tip: Get advice from a friend (or), from your sister, your brother … from someone in short! Precisely because we look through sunglasses is difficult to assess whether they are good or not. Sincere advice from a person who knows you well will help you avoid wrong purchases.

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