classical style

The classical style of the celebrities throughout history

In matters of fashion there are different styles very different from each other. The classic style is characterized by straight and clean lines that wrap the body without oppressing. V-waisted silhouettes often eliminate, and dresses peacock tail is longer behind than ahead. What do you think if we look at different styles successive articles marked by four types of celebrities?

classical style
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If you are the type who dream style Audrey Hepburn then you are a woman in classic style. The classical style represents the elegance par excellence: A sober and urban style that often masks a more sophisticated simplicity of it, and whose key is timelessness.

Women adore classic style garments without artifice that provide an elegant and timeless look always privileging everything that results naturally and practical; while they are fleeing vulgarity and excess.

The ladies suits have lines with short jackets and uploaded sizes. In the evening creations usually prevails the Empire style high-waisted or strapless neckline, but the style is also elegant sport.

classical style
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Another feature that distinguishes them is that they are careful, always wear the hair clean and well groomed, the manicured nails, and are often lightly scented. As for the makeup they should turn out as sober and refined as clothing.

Classics are always looking for quality garments trimmed so they tend to invest in major brands but usually flaunt sobriety in any circumstances.

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This means bet on garment simple lines and refined with sober colors or neutral. In other words, basic as the tailored suit, the straight trousers or jackets with good cut. Always go dressed in the best possible way and never forget their trench coats or Cabans.

classical style
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Her favorite colors are usually the navy, the brown, the cream and black which then combine with accessories that bring a touch of color. Occasionally, they dare even with prints as squares vichy or flowers of Liberty, the Jacquard Scottish or houndstooth in natural fabrics like cotton, flannel, velvet or tweed.

For her style does not seem too austere, often play with accessories that are out of the ordinary. A jewel of Pomellato a bag, some stilettos or foulard Original enable them to give some joy to their sets without going over. The key is to wear clothes and accessories that favor and never wear a suit with do not feel comfortable.

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