Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

Every girl wants to be irresistible, demonstrating to others a great press, emphasizing her thin waist and beautiful bust. All this can be done with the help of one small, but trendy wardrobe item – a fashionable shortened summer T-shirt, or a crop top, as it is called among young people.

Back in the dashing 90s, avid fashionable women flaunted in short tops, which only slightly resemble current trends. Today’s popular Crop Tops look more like a closed bra or a very short tank top. But despite this frank sexuality, this clothing will be appropriate to look not only on the beaches but also to adequately and favorably emphasize all the charm of a happy owner, being an element of evening dress code. The main thing is to skillfully combine crocs with other clothes.

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

The beauty of an exclusive cropped top, bound by your own hands

Modern designers offer a huge number of models and forms of this element of the wardrobe. A variety of colors and prints allows you to create all sorts of images – from sports to sophisticated feminine. Today, many different models of women’s tops can be found on sale, but they are all produced by a whole line (stream), so there is always the fear that by buying a trendy little thing, you can meet a fashionist walking towards you in an identical outfit. In order not to feel embarrassed and not to begin to compare who these clothes go to more, we suggest creating an own exclusive crop-top model.

The knitted top will not only be beneficial to emphasize your flawless figure, but also demonstrate to others the reference taste and skill of the happy owner of this element of the summer wardrobe.

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

To associate a female crop-top, you first need to decide on the necessary materials and tools. For knitting summer things, it is best to choose a yarn from natural fibers. These are threads from cotton, viscose, flax or bamboo. Things connected from this yarn are breathable and absorb moisture, which is a prerequisite for summer clothes. Crocheted products have many holes and holes that also allow the skin to breathe. And beautiful and openwork patterns add romance and restrained sexuality to your image.

Perhaps now you should not have the slightest doubt in the need to immediately take up the work of making a flying crop with your own hands!

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

To create a trendy summer wardrobe element, we suggest using several simple workshops with a step-by-step description of the knitting course and detailed schemes that make it difficult to produce a fashionable top even for a beginning needlewoman.

Square top for beginner craftswomen

The basis of this topic is a knitted square of colored threads. For the manufacture of trendy T-shirts will need:

  • cotton yarn (you can choose threads with the addition of acrylic) blue, pink and white colors of 50 g each;
  • a crochet hook (choose the hook number according to the specified recommendations on the labels of skeins of yarn, usually No. 33.5 for summer clothes);
  • sequins, beads or sparkles for decoration.

Scheme and description of crochet knitting

The basis of the product is a square, connected in a circle in a continuous manner by ordinary double crochet columns. The knitting pattern is shown in the photo, where for convenience each subsequent row is highlighted in a different color.

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

The sequence of alternating stripes: start with a pink color, then white and blue. Alternate in the proposed sequence, each subsequent round of knitting.

Knitting description

  1. Dial 6 air loops with pink threads, loop into the ring with a connecting column. Then tie 3 air loops for lifting (count further as double crochet) and knit 3 double crochets into a closed ring, 2 air loops, 4 double crochets, repeat 2 times and connect with lifting air loops.
  2. Continue to knit according to the pattern, alternating colors in each new row.
  3. After the square is the required size (approximately 16 rows), tie the last final row according to the following scheme: 1 air loop, 1 crochet without a column, 3 air loops (skip 1 bar of the previous row) and 1 crochet without a column. Continue along the entire perimeter of the square.
  4. At the end of the work, fasten the thread and hide the tail.
  5. The forties around the neck, dial 220 air loops with pink threads and knit 1 row of single crochets (into each air loop). Fold the tie in half and sew from the wrong side to one of the corners of the square.
  6. Knit the side ties in the same way: type blue yarn with 110 air yarns and knit 1 row with single crochet. Such strings will require 2 pieces that need to be sewn to the side corners of the square.
  7. Decorate the ready cropped top with beads, sequins, and rhinestones at your discretion.

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

Crop top for the summer ready! Now you can be sure that in this outfit you will be the star of any beach party!

You can knit such a thing from threads of different colors suitable for your wardrobe. The shades of light brown (white – milk – chocolate) and green (yellow – lime – khaki) will be perfectly combined.

Openwork top

For more experienced craftswomen, we suggest linking the original lace cropped model. This will require:

  • Summer yarn (composition: cotton-viscose; yarn thread 100 g – 400 m) knit into 2 threads;
  • The recommended hook is No. 3.

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

Working process

  1. Tie a long chain of air loops (approximately 70 cm long). Perform 3 lift air loops and continue to knit 1 crochet into each air loop. Turn the work and continue to knit in this way 5 rows. Further, according to the scheme, to make reductions and at the same time knit the openwork pattern in the middle of the top.
  2. Finish double crochet in the last row. Link chain of 250 air loops through the double crochets (last row)
  3. Bottom of work tie with a pattern “fan” (10 columns with 2 naquida). Tie the side ties of 110 air and sew around the edges of the top.

The original topic can be combined with shorts with a high waist or a light long skirt. On a cool evening, a light cardigan or shirt can be put over the top of the cropped top. The image can also be supplemented with voluminous bracelets and beads.

Crochet Top: Scheme And Description

Stay trendy and modern in any situation, and a knitted openwork top will help you stand out from the crowd!

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